5 dishes that can delight your soul during the Navaratras

This year Navarata starts from the first of October and people have already begun preparing for this pious event. Hindus consider it a very sacred festival, and many opt for fast. The festival is celebrated for 9 days and between these 9 days, people usually avoid consuming onion, garlic, or any non-vegetarian food. However, devotees who choose to fast continuously for these 9 days can opt for a special diet. A diet mainly composed of sweet and other healthy dishes. The lists of the cuisines that can be consumed during these fasts are mouth-watering and delicious.

Looking at the long list of cuisines, we have picked 5 extremely delicious dishes, which will make this Navaratra, a much sweeter and healthier one for you.

  1. Sabudana Khichdi

Be it any religious occasion, it can be consumed without any hesitation. Considered as a healthy dish, it has the ability to keep one energetic even during the fasts.


  1. Fruit Salad

Easy to make, healthy to eat, what else do you need?

Fruits have multiple benefits and are a good source of energy. Consuming them during your fast, keeps you energized and you don’t tend to feel weak or dizzy.


  1. Sabudana Kheer

Festivals are the time when people prefer milk or fruits over vegetables. Considering milk to be the safest and knowing it to be a good reservoir of energy, people substitute the vegetables with dishes made of milk. Sabudana Kheer, a sweet dish is made from milk and is a good choice during the fasts.


  1. Singhare ka Halwa

Singhare ka Halwa is a sweet dish, which can be served during the Navratras. The food is actually a heaven for those who longs for sweet cuisines and is a huge fan of it. This delicious halwa is made by mixing chestnuts and pellets of Kaloree1 in sheera.


  1. Coconut Laddoo

Yes, it’s time to alter your taste. It’s time you offer your taste buds, something irregular. Coconut laddoos are made from desiccated coconut and for the sweet touch you can add pellets of Kaloree1 in it. These laddoos are the yummiest and prove to be a quick bite.


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