A Healthy Twist to Sweets

We are festival lovers. We always look for an excuse to celebrate. Family functions, events and festivals are an important element of our lives. It’s that time when we get the ‘craved for’ opportunity to meet our family members, relatives and friends and spend gala time with them. Undoubtedly, it’s the most joyful time of the year, when we can do lots of masti, shopping and celebrations.

kaloree4At the same time, we gobble a few of the most delicious treats of our life. Just image our own indigenous mithaais and exotic sweets and we can’t resist to those yummiest, delicious sweets. Dreams of those delectable dishes like jalebis, besan laddoos, shrikhand, kaju katli, gulab jamun, barfi and rasmalai start running in our minds.

Still, my friend, why are you sad? Sweets are the best way to bring smiles. Are you worrying about your blood sugar levels, weight gain, fats and calories? Then, let go all these worries because you can enjoy by using the options of sweets free from harmful sugar. These calorie free sweets can be made at home or can be specially ordered fromkaloree5 the vendors who make sweets. These incredible calorie free sweets are not made from the conventional white sugar, instead they are made from natural sugars like raisins, dates or honey or they contain artificial sweeteners like aspartame. Artificial sweeteners have less or I will say, minimal calories against their harmful counterpart. Aspartame is an approved and a safe substance for one and all. Also, it does not increase the blood sugar level immediately as the white sugar does.

So gone are those days, when mithaai was considered a delicacy full of ghee, white sugar and calories. With the changing trends, you have the option of enjoying the sweet delicacies, keeping in mind your health and wellbeing.

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