5 Super food that controls Diabetes

Posted by Kaloree1 | January 18, 2016 | Fitness


Broccoli contains sulforaphane, which controls blood sugar and protects blood vessels from damaging which is a consequence of diabetes. Broccoli is believed to reverse the diabetic affects on the blood vessels.broccoli


Known to reduce blood sugar, cinnamon is rich in chromium that affects insulin. Also, filled with antioxidants, it helps to protect the body from diabetes.


Beans and legumes 

Rich in magnesium, fiber, iron and potassium. Beans and legumes help the body regulate the level of blood sugar and reduce the cardiovascular risk in the patients with type 2 diabetes.Legumes (1)


Nuts such as almonds, cashew, walnuts are rich in fiber, which act upon the blood sugar, thus reducing the flow of sugar in the bloodstream.nuts


Seeds such as pumpkin, flax, sunflower and hemp are known to reduce blood sugar and cholesterol, thus reducing the risk of heart disease and diabetes. They are also low on the glycemic index.Seeds

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