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A good sports person needs to perform well in his game. They need a booster to enhance their performance whenever they are out on the field. They need an appropriate nutritional diet to feed their bodies in order to get the maximum out of it during the game. A proper diet should contain vitamins, proteins, essential amino acids, fats and carbohydrates to supply all the nutrients to the body in adequate quantity so as to maintain the optimum body mass and energy.

The food that a player consumes is usually rich in these nutrients, but sometimes they need extra for better results. They have to take several sports drinks to prevent dehydration and perform well. These drinks contain a high amount of sugar, caffeine and, taurine; when taken they notify the pancreas shortly and rapidly begin to create insulin in response to the sugar. Insulin is a hormone that the body uses to move sugar from food or drink into the bloodstream, where cells then use sugar for energy. It is imperative to know the side effects of these energy drinks when used regularly for a long period of time. It is always better to switch to the natural sources of energy in order to gain that extra energy and results. We can switch from these caffeine and sugar-rich drinks to ‘Banana and Wheat Grass Smoothie’, ‘Blue Green Coconut Water’, ‘Carrot and Parsley Juice’ etc.

In conclusion, natural energy drinks are relatively easy to make and are much healthier than commercial energy drinks. Your body will respond very well to these! If you have some favorite vegetables and fruits, you can modify these drinks and add those too.

But if one doesn’t know  how much sugar is needed by their body, then instead of using sugar, use Kaloree1, an artificial sweetener which is a health friendly product, It can take the place of sugar perfectly and safely while giving you all the sweetness. 1tablet is equal to 1tsp of sugar. Taking Kaloree1 will definitely help a sports player to forget about those extra calories and focus more on the game.

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