Cal ‘worry’ No More!

Is it not fascinating to realize that you no longer have to worry about having a sweet-tooth, even after being diabetic?

If you are suffering from diabetes, gorging on your favourite sweets requires some wit-full planning. Low-calorie sweeteners, also known as artificial sweeteners go a long way in sweetening the food and beverages with lesser percent of calories and carbohydrates. Artificial sweeteners are a big yes, if you are willing to put a deal with your cravings for sweets and desserts.

The amount of sweetening granulates constituting the sweetener is 100 times more profound than the regular sugar we use. Only a minimal quantity of the sweetener is apt for the meals we consume.

The sweeteners cannot be broken down by the body easily and therefore,they formulate a way through our systems without being digested the conventional way and provide no extra calories to the body.

Nevertheless, a lot of eatables having artificial sweeteners provide a relevant amount of calories and carbohydrates with the other ingredients present in it. Foods that are labelled as “reduced sugar” or “no sugar added” may not necessarily be free of carbs.

Kaloree1, an efficient, low-calorie sweetener is available easily in the shops near you. You can consume it in hot and cold beverages, sprinkle it on the top of fruits or prepare a dessert of your choice without worries.

Switch to Kaloree1 to keep your diabetes at a bay while relishing sweets tension-free.

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