Craving Sweets? It’s a boy!

While we prefer clarifying all the common pregnancy myths through scientific evidences, we should also have a look at the interesting myths originated out of diverse cultures.

One of the famous myths doing rounds is, if you are craving sweets while you are pregnant means that you are going to have a boy?

Honouring the chinese culture, elders might exclaim that you are expecting a chirpy baby boy, if you yearn for sweets day in and day out, be it candies or chocolates. On the contrary if you crave for sour foods, you will have a bubbly daughter.

Can we believe in these sayings? Nobody is aware of the initiation of this myth, but the old wives surely did invent an amusing gender predicting myth.

Nonetheless, whether it’s a boy or a girl, we all crave for sweets very often. To savor desserts without gaining calories, switch to Kaloree1, your sweet partner!

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