Dietary Tips for a Beautiful Body

Posted by Kaloree1 | February 29, 2016 | Fitness

We have some tricks for you that have wonderful health benefits (and no side effects) if you are in the process of maintaining a healthy body.

A small amount of ground flaxseed besprinkled on cereals and salads assists in controlling cholesterol. The credit goes to the fiber, omega-3 fatty acids and phytochemicals present in it.


An iota of high-cocoa or dark chocolate often consumed in a week, helps in preventing high blood pressure.


To boost your immune system, rely on two tablespoons of sunflower seed butter that constitutes vitamin E and copper. It is beneficial for building red blood cells as well.

Sunflower seed

Add iron to your diet by preparing food in cast iron pots. This helps stay away from anemia.


Use Kaloree1 as your sweetener and reduce calories from your diet to enjoy sweets and desserts as and when you like it, without any burden on your shoulders. When calories are reduced, you not only lose weight but also protect yourself from various diseases.


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