Enjoyed Cricket Match and Sweets with My Friends at Home

Enjoyed Cricket Match and Sweets with My Friends at Home

Posted by Kaloree1 | April 7, 2017 | Fitness
Kaloree1_Enjoyed Cricket

I love hanging out with my friends. We often go for outings and do not miss a single social event in the city. The upcoming event was an IPL match and we were really excited about it. We wanted to watch the match in the stadium but could not get the tickets. We tried our best through different sources but the tickets were sold out well in advance. Finally, we decided to enjoy the match at my home.

Before the match started, I did all the arrangements for my friends. Knowing my friends’ tastes for food, I bought snacks and sweets. All of us enjoy each other’s company and love to eat together. Two of our friends were supporting one team and the rest of us were supporting the other. Besides watching the match, we enjoyed the food too. All of us love sweets and I am diabetic so I generally avoid sweets prepared with natural sugar.

That day, I arranged for the sweets prepared with Kaloree1. It has the same taste and I do not have to control myself from eating sweets. Moreover, my friends also did not find the taste of sweets different from others. They really liked it and asked for more. Later, I told them about Kaloree1 and they got surprised by the taste. Some of them asked me for more sweets and added Kaloree1 in their drinks too.

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