Happier Old Age

“Let us never know what an old age is. Let us know the happiness time brings, not the number of years.”

Not many appreciate ageing. The society as a whole does not take old age in a positive light and as a sparkling period of life.

It is commonly advised to the elderlies to attempt not feeling old and pretend that old age would never catch up with them.

Rather one should realise that growing old is something to be celebrated as much as the other phases of life. Old age is that golden time when one can introspect and inculcate the self-fulfilment to make it an ultimate blissful period of their life. For most of the people, it is the initial stage when they can live to their heart’s content without a worry about expectations and concerns of others that has haunted them all through their lives.

Nevertheless, it is important not to mix self-actualization with the bare act of serving the external wants for those, tend to last for shorter duration and lack full satisfaction. In order to be truly happy from the core of the soul, inner happiness is what needs to be nurtured. It is never too late to learn how to attain inner peace.

Some habits and conscious efforts to keep yourself healthy prove to be very beneficial for the old age. The biggest enemies to your happiness can be blood pressure and blood sugar. To keep blood pressure in control, laugh out loud as much as possible and to for stable levels of blood sugar switch to Kaloree1, a healthy artificial sweetener without actual sugar. Let merry making be an everyday practice for the years to come.

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