Healthy Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

Waking up early in the morning, dragging ourselves to the gym, spending a long hectic day and not to forget, carefully keeping a watch on what we are eating.

Drudgery much?

Well, for those perfect abs and curvy toned bodies, following this set-in-stone regime is essential. But, what if you tweak this process and start enjoying the mundane daily routines?

Consider these following tips as minor upgrades to your lifestyle and you will find them progressing you towards healthier and sound living.

  • Pay attention to yourself: Living in a busy environment, where we hardly get ‘ME TIME’, makes it important for us to pay attention to our body responses. Be it by noticing how our body reacts to certain foods or the feeling, just after a workout, it is essential to pay attention to know exactly what our body supports.


  • Keep a watch on sugar intake: An important aspect that we usually forget or sometimes ignore. Examine your routine and observe where you can cut down on sugar intake. Kaloree1, an artificial sweetener fulfills your sugar craving and promises a healthy lifestyle.

Sugar intake

  • Walk and Talk: An easy way to stay fit. Whenever you are on the phone, don’t just sit and talk. Move and lose those extra kilos.

Walk and talk

  • Adopt a positive addiction: Find a workout or an exercise that you find interesting and this way you will start enjoying it. Be it dancing, gyming, walking or any other method of workout.


  • Water, water and water: Everyone advises to drink a lot water. But do we really follow? The simple trick is, keep one-liter water bottle with a glass on your work desk and target to complete three bottles by the end of the day.


Follow this healthy regime for 21 days and trust me, this will become your healthy habit.

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