How I got #CaloriesSeFreedom?

How I got #CaloriesSeFreedom?

Posted by Kaloree1 | August 25, 2017 | Fitness

Growing up, my life was full of abundance of everything. Be it shopping, allowance or food, my hands were always full. I would be away squandering the money and enjoying my high-end lifestyle without caring about the finances or my health.

Being from such an affluent family made me careless about what kind of junk food I am filling myself with. The desserts and junk food made me pile on immense weight and soon I felt I was getting lethargic very easily. My heart felt like its pounding hard everytime I ran or even sped up for something.

I realized that I cannot go on like this as I was losing my will to enjoy life. I told my parents about changes in my health and they rushed me to a doctor. After a few tests I got to know that I was under the pre-diabetic stage. It felt like something hit me unannounced. But the doctor calmed me down and said that as long as I take care of my diet and follow a healthy lifestyle, I should be able to reverse my situation.

I banned all forms of sugar from my life and diet. I started using a tried and tested artificial sweetener called Kaloree 1 for all my ‘sweet-tooth’ needs. I also followed a strict diet and exercise regime. After some months I started feeling rejuvenated and confident again.

Thank you Kaloree 1 for helping me get #CaloriesSeFreedom!

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