I cannot Resist Myself from Eating Sweets

I cannot Resist Myself from Eating Sweets

Posted by Kaloree1 | May 5, 2017 | Fitness
I cannot resist

Some people have a physical craving for sweets and some have psychological. In case the blood sugar is low then the person must eat sweets in order to bring the blood sugar level back to normal. On the other hand, some people just like to eat sweets and prefer to eat after meals. I also fall into this category as I love to eat sweets after my lunch and dinner.

Whenever I am stressed, food gives me comfort. I love to eat chocolates, cakes, and sweets. Knowing my eating habit, my mom always stores some for me in the kitchen. She is good at cooking and so I get more sweets to eat. Eating sweets boosts my mood and help me in feeling better. While enjoying sweets, I never paid attention to my health and became over-weight.

I noticed that people of my age never got easily tired and were quite active in physical activities. On the other hand, I always got tired after walking or running a short distance. Looking at my health, my parents took me to a doctor and through different medical tests; I came to know that I was diabetic. I was really sad that I won’t be able to eat sweets. Initially, I tried to control myself but later I started eating sweets. My mom scolded me often about it but I never listened to her. One day, she herself gave me sweets to eat which surprised me. Then she told me that the sweets were prepared using Kaloree 1 which is an artificial sweetener. I really enjoyed the homemade sweets and did not find any change in the taste.

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