Kaloree1 Saved Me from Changing My Eating Habits

Kaloree1 Saved Me from Changing My Eating Habits

Posted by Kaloree1 | May 12, 2017 | Fitness

I am twenty-eight years old and five feet nine inches tall. Professionally, I am working as a Consultant which means I have to sit for long hours. For my job, I am staying away from my home for past 5 years. One thing I miss the most about my home is food. I am a big foodie and like to try out different dishes and sweets. Even while working, I like to eat and share chocolates and sweets with my colleagues. Always when I return to my workplace, my mom prepares some sweets at home and pack them for me.

This time I returned home after a gap of eight months. The first thing my parents noticed about me was my weight. I knew that my weight drastically increased but I never paid attention to it. My parents asked me to change my lifestyle and start with some exercises too. On the other hand, I always asked my mom to cook my favorite dishes. Besides this, I always needed sweets too after my meals. She cooked everything I asked for but she was really worried about my health.

One evening, my father took me to a doctor and after the complete check-up, I came to know that I was diabetic. My medical reports really disappointed me as I had to change my eating habits. I was ready to do it but could not quit sweets. One day, through the internet I came to know about Kaloree1. I bought this artificial sweetener and added it in my coffee. It gave me the same taste and I got happy that I can enjoy the sweets too. Now, my mom uses Kaloree1 to prepare sweets for me. This helps me in controlling the sugar level and I do not have to change my eating habits.

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