My First Love was Chocolates and Candies

My First Love was Chocolates and Candies

Posted by Kaloree1 | July 3, 2017 | Fitness

Everyone’s childhood is special in some or other way. As a child, I loved to eat chocolates, ice-creams and candies. My parents owned the best candy shop in the town. They often took me to the shop and this was the best opportunity for me to choose my favorite candies.

I really enjoyed those days of my life when I could get different flavors of chocolates without paying any money. Most of the times, my parents scolded me for eating too many candies. Besides this, I loved to share the candies with my friends. Due to this, most of my classmates were my good friends. At that time, I never realized that eating too many chocolates and candies would cause harm to my health.

After few years, I realized that I was becoming over-weight. Moreover, I felt fatigued soon and was not as active as my friends. My parents took me to a doctor and through my medical reports; we came to know that I was diabetic. After this, my mother never allowed me to eat sweets and chocolates. I was highly disappointed but had no other option.

Recently, my uncle told me to use Kaloree1, which is an artificial sweetener. It is the best sugar substitute and can be added to any drink or sweet. This helps in controlling the weight as well as the sugar level. Now, I enjoy the sweets prepared with Kaloree1 and check my diabetes level at regular intervals.

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