Sweet surrender

Sweet surrender

Posted by Kaloree1 | October 2, 2017 | Fitness
no sugar no diabetes

I had just got through a very good graduate placement at college and was very excited to join such a huge multi-national company. On the other hand, my parents were happy because after getting placed I was amongst the ‘eligible’ bachelors.

I however, gave my parents full liberty to look for the bride. To me their happiness matters the most and I was not in any kind of relationship; so it was easy if they do all the work!

Soon my parents told me that they met with the family of a prospective bride and a date was fixed soon. I had mixed feelings about this meeting. I went to the place of rendezvous, a restaurant.

I waited a little and the girl soon joined me. She was nice to talk to and we had a very good conversation and lunch.

The time for dessert came soonafter and that was when I became coy. I had diabetes and was very apprehensive about letting her know about my condition. She had already told me she loved sweets and I just couldn’t back out now. She however was a smart girl; she realized something was wrong and asked me what was going through my mind.

I opened my heart out to her and that was when she told me I don’t need to order desserts. However, I don’t have to sacrifice sweets too. She advised me to use Kaloree 1, a good artificial sweetener for all my sweets cravings.

I did so and her smartness left a mark on me. I am now married to her, the most amazing woman in the world.

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