Thank you Kaloree1!

Staying in a perfect shape is really an achievement. For me it will be definitely A GREAT ACHIEVEMENT!

Every year I take on a personal challenge to stay fit and shed extra kilos. This is one of the doomed new year resolutions for many of us. It was the same resolution that I wanted to stick to in 2015, planned in 2014 and decided in 2013.

Three long years, but never accomplished my target. Sadly, the willpower lasts for a few weeks and then back on the normal track of eating and lethargic living. We passionately declare ‘New year, New me!’ But then again at some point, every new innovative quote becomes normal and insignificant.

December 2015, when once again I pledged for a ‘NEW ME’ transformation. But somewhere in my mind, I knew that, again, it will be a failure. Well, as usual, the beginning of the year was enthusiastic with regular workouts. I swapped the morning paranthas with Oatmeals, brown rice for my lunch and started  consuming protein-rich salads. So far, my so-called healthy habits are going on the right path. And I am able to lose 3 kgs in just one week! With this vigorous routine, I embraced one more healthy habit of Kaloree1 instead of sugar. Trust me, this is for the first time I felt the change in my physical appearance. My body is transforming into a perfect shape. Thanks to Kaloree1.

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