The Sweet Life of Athletes

Posted by Kaloree1 | December 23, 2015 | Fitness

Every athlete would have made an effort to refrain from using sugar as a part his/ her diet. Be it for shedding the extra kilos or merely for keeping fit. But cuttting on sugar completely is a big blunder as sugar-content in moderation is one’s necessity.

So how much and what kind of sugar is inevitable in an athlete’s life?

Nutritionists suggest athletes should get 10 percent of their total daily kilojoules from it. An athlete on 8,000kJ diet can spend about 800 of them or around 50 grams a day on simple sugars. These single-molecule sugars enter the bloodstream right after consumption and easily convert into glucose, to support a workout. But as it is said, excess of anything is bad. Eating or drinking too much of simple sugars can stimulate unhealthy effects. A cereal bar, pasta sauce or instant oatmeal can easily contain 15 to 30 grams.

Carbohydrates have always been a blend of simple and complex carbohydrate in compliance to their pre-digestion chemical structure. Simple carbohydrate includes fruit juice, dried fruit, sports drinks, milk, sugar, jam, honey, soft drinks and cordials, while complex carbohydrate includes pasta, rice, breads, breakfast cereals, and some fruits and vegetables.

Recent research shows that the rise in blood sugar after consuming a meal can get affected by the kind of sugar or starch prevalent in the food, the preparation or cooking of the food, fat and fibre content and ripeness of the food.

Athletes need to use their sweet grams wisely when they need instant energy. Artificial sweetener like Kaloree1 is one of the best options available to avoid sugar without compromising on the sweetness of the food. A wholesome package, Kaloree1 tablets profusely assists overall fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

So it’s time to turn the calories and the stress of gaining weight to dust by switching to healthier options for a splendid life.

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