Use Kaloree 1 to Control Your Sugar Level

Use Kaloree 1 to Control Your Sugar Level

Posted by Kaloree1 | May 16, 2017 | Fitness
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As far as I know myself, I never say no to chocolates, cakes, and sweets. As a child, I licked my fingers while eating chocolates. For me, chocolate is one of the few ingredients that are so addictive. Besides chocolates, I also love to eat cakes, pastries and everything that is sweet. At times, my mother prepared cakes at home and I enjoyed all the flavors. On my birthdays, she always gave me the biggest piece.

For the first time when I was going to the hostel, my mother prepared and packed sweets for me. In the initial days, I did not share the sweets with anyone. Moreover, after finishing the homemade sweets, I bought some from a nearby shop. After some time, I noticed some changes in my health. My weight was continuously increasing which made me tired easily.

I visited a doctor and discussed my problem with him. Through my reports, I came to know that I was diabetic. I told my parents about my health and they got worried about me. Knowing my love for sweets, she knew that it was difficult for me to quit sweets. I tried to control myself but when I went out with my friends, I always had something. This made my mother more anxious.

Finally, she got the solution through her friends. One day, she offered me sweets prepared with Kaloree 1, an artificial sweetener. After tasting the sweets, I realized that it has the same taste and can be used as an alternative to normal sugar. Moreover, the quality of the sweets remained unchanged too. Since that day, I am using Kaloree 1 and it has helped me in controlling my sugar level.

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