What is Kaloree1?

Kaloree 1 is a low-calorie sugar substitute. It contains Aspartame, which is a healthier alternative to sugar. It does not alter the taste and quality of the food or drink and therefore, proves to be a good companion for a healthy diet. It is available in pellets and sachets for your comfort. Just add Kaloree 1 in your desserts or drinks and see the difference yourself! What better way to have a sweet tooth and have the same taste of sugar minus the calories!

What does Kaloree1 contain?


What is Aspartame?

Aspartame is an artificial sweetener that is a core ingredient of Kaloree 1. It is WHO, FDA & FSSAI approved. It is a safe, low calorie sugar substitute and does not give a bitter taste to food & it doesn’t get absorbed in blood thereby not affects the blood glucose level.

Nutritional Value


Per Tablet:
1 tablet = 1 teaspoon of sugar

Per Sachet:
1 Sachet = 2 teaspoons of sugar

Who all can use Kaloree1?

  • Health conscious people/ Weight watchers
  • Overweight people to control weight
  • Diabetics, to control blood sugar levels
  • People with cholesterol problem, who need to control their fat intake as well as overall calorie intake.