6 Tips to Be Healthy
We need to encourage others to love to eat real food – honestly nutritious healthy food. And to set an example, we need to eat healthy too.

Keep these tips in mind next time when you deal with your food:

  1. Don’t be fooled by food labels
    Develop the habit of reading the nutrition label carefully. Sugar is measured in grams – which isn’t at all easy to visualize. Keep in mind that four grams is about one teaspoon.
  2. Pay attention to “natural” sweeteners
    Things like strawberry purees and concentrates are commonly found in foods such as fruit rolls and flavored applesauce, but they are just processed sugar by another name and not healthy at all.
  3. Think small
    Just say NO to soup bowls to dish out your desserts like ice-cream. Always use tea cups to serve desserts because less quantity is directly proportional to less calorie intake.
  4. Be choosy
    Be a bit authoritative when it comes to your diet. Make sure that when the family goes out for dinner, you have either soda or dessert- but not both.
  5. Avoid processed foods
    Try to control what you eat to regulate your calorie intake. For example, one packet of maple and brown-sugar flavored oatmeal has 13 grams of sugar. You can add the artificial sweetener like Kaloree1 to regular oatmeal to avoid it while keeping it as sweet as before.
  6. Make good choices
    Banning things is not a wise step as it will make you want those banned things more. Have your favourite desserts, but only if you make it with an artificial sweetener like Kaloree1.

Image courtesy: expertbeacon