Posted by Kaloree1 | March 27, 2017

Jalebi is a spiral shaped crunchy and one of the most popular sweets in India. It is considered as the traditional Indian sweet and is mostly served on festivals like...

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Posted by Kaloree1 | March 25, 2017

Prepare delicious kulfi at home through easy method. It is a traditional Indian ice-cream and is prepared with full fat milk. The kulfi tastes awesome with dry fruits and mango....

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Posted by Kaloree1 | March 21, 2017

During my graduation, I was living in a hostel. There, I had a group of friends who came from different parts of the country. After vacation, whenever we returned from...

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Posted by Kaloree1 | March 17, 2017

Diabetes is a disease in which blood sugar level goes high. It affects different body organs and deteriorates the overall health. Diabetes directly harms the eyes and causes cardiac issues...

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Posted by Kaloree1 | March 14, 2017

I am 35 years old. Just two years back, I came to know that I am a diabetic. My sugar level got high and I was suggested by the doctor...

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Posted by Kaloree1 | March 10, 2017

Thandai is mostly served on the festival of Holi. It has a sweet taste and is easy to prepare. It is an Indian cold drink and is mostly preferred in...

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Posted by Kaloree1 | December 20, 2016

Health management during diabetes takes a lot of meticulousness and sacrifice. Although, with great; care it is manageable and effective. Read More

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Posted by Kaloree1 | November 23, 2016

Do you crave for something sweet after every meal? This is something Mexican for you, but I am sure it will become one of your most favourite munching sweet items.Read...

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Posted by Kaloree1 | November 16, 2016

I do not love writing but I am writing this blog because there came a phase in my life when I suffered a lot and I want to share the...

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Posted by Kaloree1 | November 14, 2016

I come from a family of restaurateurs so food was something that was imbibed in our day-to-day lives. With that, the gluttony for sweets came by default.Read More

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