Kaloree 1- A boon in my life
It was not late when I realized that I am diabetic.

Most of the symptoms like increased thirst, more bathroom breaks, weight loss, increased hunger, tiredness, and wounds healing slowly compelled me to take a test for diabetes. Unfortunately, tests confirmed this medical condition.

I went to my family doctor with the reports and asked for his advice. He was not at all surprised by my reports because he knew my father was diabetic too. He explained, “Sam, you need not worry about this, you didn’t acquire it, but it is hereditary. Just some changes in your lifestyle and things are going to be alright soon.”

Doctor’s words relieved me a bit but I was very curious to know about the precautions and changes I need to make in my lifestyle. I just wanted to be healthy again. Though I am not sugar lover but I never even avoided it whenever offered.

Doctor understood my concern and asked me to do exercise regularly without fail to keep those extra calories under control, stay away from any form of sugar as much as possible until and unless artificial sweetener like Kaloree1 is used in the preparation of the food, get your sugar level tested at regular intervals and act accordingly.

I did exactly as my doctor asked me to and things have improved greatly. Kaloree1 satiates all my sweet cravings without elevating my sugar level. Life is all good with kaloree1.

Diabetes is just a name for me now; I live a normal and happy life like before.

Image courtesy: greatist