Gift from Mom

Gift from Mom

Posted by Kaloree1 | August 8, 2017 | Fitness

I consider sweets as my real friends. A candy, chocolate, cake or ice-cream, anything can make me happy. I cannot live without sweets and chocolates. Like others, I do not wait for occasions to enjoy sweets. After my meals, I always need sweets. Especially on my birthdays, my mom prepares my favorite dishes and desserts at home. I love the taste of food cooked by my mom.

I had no control over my eating habits. Due to this, my weight was gradually increasing. When I joined college, I was overweight and my classmates always mocked at me. Due to this, I could never have good friends. I always thought about controlling my weight but when the food came in front of me, I could never say ‘No’. As I had few friends, my social life was not much happening.

My parents were worried about me and they took me to a doctor. I knew that I would have to change my diet plan to control my weight. But the doctor told me that I was diabetic which really disturbed me. After two days, it was my birthday and I was sad because I was not allowed to eat sweets. To my surprise, my mother offered me sweets in evening. I was delighted to eat those homemade sweets.

Later, she told me that she prepared the sweets with Kaloree1. Believe me, it has the same taste. Since that day, I started using Kaloree1 in place of regular sugar. It is the best artificial sweetener that helps in controlling weight and sugar level.

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