Stay Humble, Stay Healthy

Posted by Kaloree1 | December 30, 2015 | Nature

Introspect your place in the universe, all the people who existed before you and all the people who will exist after you. When it melts down to this, you are merely a drop in the vast ocean of humanity. You were unknown before your existence and will be forgotten eventually when you’re no more.

And for this very reason, you should at all times be sweet and live humbly, no matter what situations we face everyday; because in the larger picture, you are a drop, dependable on other drops.

But this shouldn’t make you feel that you are nobody. On the contrary, you should be grateful and  celebrate life. What better reason could be to live your life to the maximum that you are alive right now? NOW is the time you can make a mark, touch lives, help others and your own self in some cases to live healthily and happily.

Rejoice by considering your life a gift and celebrate by staying sweet, with the healthy sweetener- Kaloree1.