khus khus halwa-kaloree1
Posted by Kaloree1 | August 12, 2017

Khus Khus contains high nutritional value and is good for health. It is good especially for this season of cold and flu as it provides warmth and strength. Khus Khus...

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Posted by Kaloree1 | August 8, 2017

I consider sweets as my real friends. A candy, chocolate, cake or ice-cream, anything can make me happy. I cannot live without sweets and chocolates. Like others, I do not...

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Mocha Frappe kalo
Posted by Kaloree1 | August 4, 2017

During summertime, Mocha Frappe is a perfect beverage to be enjoyed in the evening. It can be easily prepared in 15 minutes and is the best way to refresh oneself....

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kaloree1_check diabetes
Posted by Kaloree1 | July 31, 2017

Diabetes is a common health problem in which the body stops producing insulin. It is a metabolic disorder where blood sugar levels go really high. Due to this, diabetics will...

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kaloree1_check sugar
Posted by Kaloree1 | July 28, 2017

Diabetes is a common health issue which is generally ignored at the initial stage. People suffering from diabetes must understand that it can lead to some severe health problems. The...

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no calories
Posted by Kaloree1 | July 24, 2017

Aloe Vera is a plant that provides amazing benefits for skin, health, weight loss and other health issues. For its medicinal properties, it is used as a herbal medicine. The leaves...

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Posted by Kaloree1 | July 21, 2017

Churma is a traditional Rajasthani sweet. It is prepared with deep fried Bati which does not contain any salt in it. Churma is always served with Dal-Bati. It is one...

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Posted by Kaloree1 | July 17, 2017

If you are a diabetic, you must take proper care of your health as diabetes invites other health issues too. There are various ways to control your diabetes. Keeping your...

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Posted by Kaloree1 | July 14, 2017

A healthy diet plays an important part in controlling the sugar level.  A diet chart is essential for a diabetic to check the cholesterol level and maintain the blood pressure....

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kaloree_diet chart
Posted by Kaloree1 | July 10, 2017

Diet and lifestyle are the major reasons that result in diabetes. Especially, Indian diet is one of the prime reasons that leads to obesity. According to a survey by WHO,...

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