Eating Tips for Diabetics

Eating Tips for Diabetics

Posted by Kaloree1 | July 14, 2017 | Fitness

A healthy diet plays an important part in controlling the sugar level.  A diet chart is essential for a diabetic to check the cholesterol level and maintain the blood pressure. A balanced diet improves the quality of life and directly helps the person in staying physically active. The diabetics must follow the given dietary tips for living a healthy lifestyle.

Schedule the Meal Timings – There must be no delay in lunch and dinner. Besides this, you must also make sure to have mini meals in between. These short meals at regular timings throughout the day will help you in preventing the hike in glucose levels.

Cooking oils –One must not stick to particular oil for a long time. Oils like avocado, rice bran, olive, walnut, and rapeseed must be used in rotation. This gives a change in taste and is considered as a wise option for diabetics.

Monitor Invisible Fat – Diabetics must cut down on milk or the products prepared with milk. According to the physicians, one must use the double toned milk because full cream milk contains 3.8% fat whereas double toned milk contains less amount of fat.

Add Fiber to your Diet – Diabetics must prefer to eat unrefined multigrain food products. Cereals like oats, bran, and barley are healthy for them and can be consumed in the breakfast. In your diet, you can also add fruits such as apples, oranges, apricots, cherries, and pears.

Use Kaloree1 – Instead of adding sugar to your drinks, prefer artificial sweeteners. Kaloree1 is one such sweetener that helps in controlling weight and sugar level. It gives the same taste as of sugar and hence is considered as one of the best sugar substitutes.

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