4 Signs you might have Diabetes

Posted by Kaloree1 | August 28, 2017 | Fitness
sign of diabetes

Diabetes, one of the worst lifestyle related issues we know today is caused when your body produces little or no Insulin and becomes less efficient in breaking down food into sugar; which results in your bloodstream comprising of more sugar than needed.

However, there are few red flags that you can look for that can help you determine whether you are or might suffer from it.

  1. You are hungry all the time: Since there is very minimal or no production of Insulin; therefore, glucose does not enter the cell and hence the body remains deprived of energy resulting in you experiencing a constant urge to eat.
  2. You are tired all the time: The immediate effect of an energy deprived body is constant fatigue. Even if you have had enough to eat, you will never feel energized.
  3. Frequent urination: High blood sugar stops the kidneys from reabsorbing fluids and imbalance in glucose and fluid levels causes the urge to urinate frequently.
  4. Dry Mouth and excessive thirst: Your body goes into fluid loss mode resulting in the brain to send signals that you are very dehydrated. Make sure to have fluids without sugar though.

These are few early signals that you need to notice in yourself from time to time if you lead a sedentary lifestyle. Such people are more prone to having high levels of sugar in their system. Make sure to regularly exercise and switch to a good artificial sweetener like Kaloree 1 for a holistic healthy development.

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