I am a better chef now

I am a better chef now

Posted by Kaloree1 | October 9, 2017 | Fitness

I am a Head Chef at one of the 5-star hotels in the city. I must say I enjoy the everyday operations in the kitchen and it gives me a rush.

We get all kinds of guests; both in-house and outsiders coming into the restaurant for the delicious food and desserts we serve.

It was not until that day that I realized that I wasn’t catering to all types of guests as far as my menu was concerned. A lady came into the restaurant and asked for a sugarless dessert since she was diabetic.

The waiter soon ran towards me and conveyed the message. We were in a huge fix as we had never ever thought of it. I thought of going to her and apologizing. It was a matter of the hotel’s reputation as well but what could we have done?

Just then my sous chef gave me an amazing idea. He told me he is diabetic and always keeps Kaloree 1 with him. He asked if he could make the same dessert with Kaloree 1 instead of using sugar. I was skeptical but said yes thinking something was better than nothing.

He soon prepared a yummy chocolate mousse with Kaloree 1 and to my surprise, it tasted great! I immediately asked the waiter to serve the mousse to our guest. Lo and behold! She was floored!

This incident made me realize that we need to redesign our menu in order to accommodate diabetics too. I did so and soon our hotel started getting better reviews because of our restaurant.

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