I am Free to Eat Sweets Now

I am Free to Eat Sweets Now

Posted by Kaloree1 | March 31, 2017 | Fitness
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Birthdays and other special occasions are always celebrated with sweets. I am the one who loves to eat sweets the most in my family. I always need some sweets after my meal and even at odd timings when I feel hungry. At times, my mother scolded me for eating sweets throughout the day. But I did not change my eating habit which led to increase in my weight. According to my height, I became over-weight and lazy too.

Noticing my health, I decided to consult a doctor. After meeting the doctor, I came to know that I was diabetic and sugar is poison for me. I really got disappointed as it was the time for me to quit sweets. My mother got more worried for me as she knows that I cannot live without sweets. At home, I was not allowed to eat even a single piece of sweet. To satisfy my craving, I used to eat some sweets in my office.

One day, someone told my mom about Kaloree1 and she prepared sweets for me using that. When I returned home, she offered me sweets and I was surprised. It tasted the same and I was happy to eat home-made sweets after a long time. Then she told me about Kaloree1. From next day, I started carrying home-made sweets to my office. Now, my sugar level is under control and I do not have to control myself from eating sweets.

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