My Mom Prepared Sweets Using Kaloree1

My Mom Prepared Sweets Using Kaloree1

Posted by Kaloree1 | April 4, 2017 | Fitness
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Sweets are something I cannot live without. Since my childhood I was fond of eating sweets. For me, it’s a hard to resist situation if I am offered sweets. I never counted how many sweets I was having.

I often visited my friend’s home and his mother knows my love for sweets. She always offered me some sweets to eat. His mother is a good cook and she always prepares sweets at home.

As I was living in hostel, his mother always gave me a packet of homemade sweets to eat in hostel. After coming back to hostel, I would always keep that packet separate and did not share it with any of my friends. I just used to eat a lot and sit for long hours while studying.

After sometime, I came to know that I became diabetic. This made me worried and still I could not control myself from eating sweets. I went home and discussed this grave problem with my mother. She knew that I would not stop eating sweets so she prepared sweets at home using Kaloree1 in place of normal sugar. When I tasted them, I was surprised. There was no change in the taste and it helped me in controlling my sugar level too.

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