I Love Sweets

I Love Sweets

Posted by Kaloree1 | March 7, 2017 | Fitness

I love chocolates, brownies, cakes, and everything that tastes sweet. I always need something sweet after lunch and dinner. I am crazy for sweets and always ready to eat at anytime throughout the day. Knowing my love for sweets, my mom always stores something for me in the kitchen. Even in office, after my lunch, I love to eat sweets.

I became overweight but did not stop eating sweets. I did not even bother about my weight but I easily got tired at short intervals. This made me worried about my health and I visited a doctor. Through my medical reports, I came to know that my sugar level was really high. More than me, my mother was worried for me. She did not allow me to eat cakes and brownies. This frustrated me and I was searching for different ways to control my sugar level.

One day, my aunt came to my home and she told me about Kaloree1. Since the day I started using Kaloree1, I never used sugar again. It offers the same taste and can be used in everything. Within a short period, I noticed that the results were in my favor. This has helped me control not only my sugar level but weight too. Now, I have a better personality and feel more active. Thanks to Kaloree1!

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