I Don’t Need to Change My Eating Habit

I Don’t Need to Change My Eating Habit

Posted by Kaloree1 | March 14, 2017 | Fitness

I am 35 years old. Just two years back, I came to know that I am a diabetic. My sugar level got high and I was suggested by the doctor to quit sweets. It was difficult for me to control myself from eating sweets. I love cakes and sweets. My biggest concern was how to quit sweets?

Nobody in my family allowed me to eat sweets after noticing my medical reports. I used to eat sweets only when I was alone. I knew it was harmful to my health but could not control myself. I was taking medicines but could not stop myself from eating sweets. After few days, when I went for a check-up, my sugar level was again high. My wife understood that I did not control my eating habit.

Noticing my report, lifestyle and eating habit, my doctor advised me to use Kaloree1. I started using pellets of kaloree1 in my coffee and tea. After adding kaloree1, there was no change in the taste. This surprised me and I started using it in other eatables too. This brought my sugar level under control and I feel fit now. It is the best substitute of sugar as it provides the same taste besides controlling sugar level.


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