Kaloree 1 My Saviour

Kaloree 1 My Saviour

Posted by Kaloree1 | September 25, 2017 | Fitness
kaloree1 saviour

Having a sweet tooth is bliss as sweets have that kind of effect on you. I have been experiencing that bliss since my childhood. Be it any time of the day or any kind of sweets, I was always the first one in my family to claim my ownership to them.

This was seemingly cute to my parents when I was a kid. However, when I grew up into an over-weight girl, they started getting anxious about how will I lose all this weight and who will get married to me? I however, was not really shaken by this. I continued to have as many sweets as I wanted. After all, they made me happy!

They asked me to join a gym and go to a doctor. I did so and the test results came soon after. That’s when it dawned upon me. The years of abuse I made my body go through with sugar was finally showing. I was diagnosed with diabetes. I was shattered to no bounds. The doctor however said that I am still young and have my whole life in front of me and therefore, I need to act proactively as soon as possible. I started a good workout regime and complimented my diet plan with Kaloree 1 that my mother got me. I use it for all my sweet cravings as well in my tea and lemonade.

I am in a happy phase today and have lost some weight too. Thanks to Kaloree 1.

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