Scientific evidence has proven how low- calorie sweeteners can help to facilitate the process of weight-loss. And supports numerous benefits it provides to slim down incredibly fast. The role of artificial sweeteners can be summarized as follows;

  • Low-calorie sweeteners offer various ways to control caloric intake, allowing the substitution of low-calorie foods and beverages for their higher calorie equivalents. The increased availability of good-tasting, low-calorie products has created “calorie juggling” a popular method for maintaining weight.
  • Health professionals agree that the key to losing weight is to burn more calories than we consume, either by increasing physical activity or consuming fewer calories — or preferably, both. As part of a sensible weight-control program, low-calorie sweeteners can help consumers reduce caloric intake and therefore help them lose weight.
  • Low-calorie sweeteners provide weight-conscious individuals with a greater variety of food and beverage choices in their diets. Also, low-calorie foods and beverages are easily integrated into a lifelong, sensible weight-control program.
  • “Successful” weight reduction — losing weight and maintaining it — involves many elements, such as eating habits, exercise and long-term commitment. Allegations that one component of a person’s diet, in this case low-calorie sweeteners, is responsible for weight-loss failure cannot be supported, especially when other dietary and lifestyle factors are not controlled. In fact, the majority of those who use low-calorie sweeteners to lose or maintain weight do not rely solely on these products.

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