Watched IPL Match with my Friend

Watched IPL Match with my Friend

Posted by Kaloree1 | April 28, 2017 | Fitness

A home is a comfortable and safe place for everyone. Thinking of returning home after a long time makes me so happy. I was busy with my job and could not see my parents for a year. After the completion of the project, I got leave for a week and decided to visit home. My parents were so excited that they reached the airport to receive me.

After returning home, I spent as much time with them as possible. On weekend, my parents had to attend some social event so I called up one of my friends and he invited me to his place. We planned to watch the IPL match together at his place. While watching the match, he brought some snacks and orange squash from the kitchen. He knew that I love to eat sweets and orange squash is my favorite. But he did not know that I am a diabetic.

I told him that I was taking medicines and have quit sweets now. Then he told me about kaloree1 which is one of the best artificial sweeteners available in the market. Again, he went to the kitchen and got me sweets and a glass of lemonade made with kaloree1 instead of normal sugar. I realized that both of them tasted exactly like it was prepared with regular sugar. From that day, I started using kaloree1 in all my drinks and sweets.

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