My Colleague Offered Me Homemade Sweets

My Colleague Offered Me Homemade Sweets

Posted by Kaloree1 | May 1, 2017 | Fitness
Colleague offered sweets

For me, food is a great stress buster. I believe nothing brings people together like good food. All my friends are true foodies. We love to try out different and new dishes. All of us love to celebrate without a reason and so we have tried food of almost every new restaurant in our city. Especially, when it comes to sweets, it becomes difficult for me to control myself. While eating sweets, I never bothered about the amount of calories.

I never refused to eat sweets. All my office colleagues knew about my eating habit. I always had sweets in my lunchbox and enjoyed them with my friends after my meals. Once I went to a health camp where I got my complete check up. Through those reports, I came to know that I was diabetic. This really disappointed me as it was difficult for me to quit sweets. My parents got worried for me and never allowed me to eat sweets.

In order to control my sugar level, I started morning walk and exercise too. I tried my best not to eat sweets. One day, someone offered me homemade sweets but I refused and discussed my problem with him. Then he told me that he was also diabetic but was eating sweets as they were prepared with Kaloree 1, which is an artificial sweetener. I tried the sweets and it had the same taste as of the sweets prepared with regular sugar.

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