A parting gift close to my heart

A parting gift close to my heart

Posted by Kaloree1 | September 11, 2017 | Party
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I had just finished my B.Tech from one of the best institutes in the country and got through a Graduate Placement Program soon after that.

I got a job in another city and was busy packing for my new professional journey. It was not until a week before that I started feeling very weird all day. First, I thought it was due to all the packing and physical and emotional stress. But this urge of frequent urination, being hungry and tired all the time were making life difficult for me. I told my doctor friend about this problem and he told me that these might be symptoms of the onset of diabetes.

He immediately advised me to undergo tests so as to determine this problem and its eventual solution. My test results came and the most feared situation occurred. I was diagnosed with diabetes. I was sulking and had no sense of direction with respect to my future.

My friend came to rescue. He advised me to workout and use Kaloree 1 pellets or sachets in order to substitute the sugar intake. He even gave me both the packs as a parting gift. I soon relocated to another city and adhered to a strict lifestyle with Kaloree 1. I must say I feel better ever since and my sugar is in check. All thanks to my friend and Kaloree 1.

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