Where’s the Party Tonight?

It’s 4 pm and the phone rang up. “Darling, tonight we have a get-together party. So, be ready, I will pick you up by seven,” cheerfully informed a loving husband to his wife.

kaloree11“How is it possible? You know, I have to go to the gym. I am following a strict diet plan as my dietitian has told me to and I am quite serious about it. You better go alone, I cannot come. The food will tempt me and I can’t resist the sweets you know na!” sadly explained the fitness enthusiast wife.

The husband explained, “Oh! You don’t need to worry about that, as our party is organised in a very special hotel. They are quite concerned about the health of their clients and offer varieties of fat-free food and to your surprise, their USP is the desserts free from harmful conventional white sugar, full of calories.”

Wife surprisingly asked, “How? Really, why do they use in sweets?”

“Well, I checked on their website, they use artificial sweeteners having aspartame to make desserts. Aspartame is a safe, low-caloriekaloree9 sugar substitute, in fact, a protein derivative that tastes as sweet as sugar, with only 2% of the total calories of conventional sugar. Got that!” he shared.

“Okay, I am going,” hurriedly answered the wife.

“But, where?” surprisingly, he asked.

“To get ready for the party, tonight,” she excitedly exclaimed.

Both laughed out loud.

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