Delicious Papaya Laddoos

Delicious Papaya Laddoos

Posted by Kaloree1 | May 22, 2017 | Recipe

Papaya Laddoos are easy to make and extremely delicious. The main ingredient, papaya has high medicinal value and can be easily digested. When you have a papaya which is not sweet, use it to make laddoos. It takes half an hour to prepare the laddoos and can be served thereafter.


1 Green Papaya

1 tbsp Ghee

2 cups of milk


4 tbsp milk powder

8 Pellets of Kaloree1


Cashew for garnishing


Take a pan and heat ghee in it. Roast the cashews lightly and keep them aside.

Peal the papaya and grate it. Add grated papaya in a pan and fry it for 5 to 6 minutes. Let the moisture get evaporated.

Add milk to the pan and let it cook for a while. Now, add milk powder and saffron to it.

Cook till it gets solid in form and add and mix cardamom and 8 pellets of sugar. Remove from flame and let it cool down.

Shape the mixture into small laddoos.

Garnish the laddoos with roasted cashew and saffron.

Image Courtesy: khadizaskitchen

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