4 Top Reasons to Use Artificial Sweeteners

A number of reasons can make ways to switch to artificial sweeteners with a lot of health benefits instead of sugar. These include:

  • Aid weight loss – By replacing high-energy sugar with artificial sweeteners having much lesser calories, allows us to eat the same foods as we usually do. This helps in avoiding excessive caloric intake.
  • Dental care – Sugar substitutes, unlike sugar, do not get fermented by the microflora of the dental plaque and therefore, do not erode teeth.
  • Diabetes mellitus – Most sweeteners offer food that tastes sweet, without sugar and without increasing the blood glucose level. The ones that release energy gets metabolized slowly and prevents adulteration in blood glucose.
  • Cost – According to the trends, a lot of sugar substitutes are economical than sugar. This is also because of their long shelf-life and high sweetening intensity that allows it not to perish quickly.

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