A flame of hope

Posted by Kaloree1 | August 1, 2016 | Fitness

Life is a drama said the philosopher. Dancing to the beats of our fate, we are puppets tied to the strings of our destiny. Some stories end up with a sweet ending and some leave us with bitter lessons. Folks have always said every story has a sweet ending, and if the finale is not happy then, “picture abhi baaki hain mere dost”.

Well, living life with the exact mantra has always been a key prospect of my life. I’ve always lived an independent and simplified life, full of ups and less of lows. Today, I’m a graduate standing firm on my feet, ready to challenge the challenges of life. My school had engrafted some valuable lessons in me along with the motto to, “do all things well”. School is the platform where we inculcate lesson that helps to tackle the odds and convert it into evens. The lessons still, are vividly instilled in my head and I have always marched forward according to it. Thus, making every stepping stone of mine much easier and happier.

Straight after graduating from college, I jumped into the corporate world. Things seemed to move very swiftly and getting along with this pulsating acceleration was not a piece of cake. Being a fresher and totally raw in this new area, I was trapped in a web of challenges and expectations. Things stood up in front of me, but often subsided in front of my tenacity. My mentor had always been beside me as a ray of wisdom and seeking insights from her, I always managed to overcome the shortcomings.

Today, the fates had turned and I was falling apart. I was surrounded by a wave of criticism and faulty accusations. I was completely shattered; somehow I tried to pick myself up but was unable too. My school lessons seemed to have lost the power, the power to cheer me up. Then the magic happened, a pinch of sweetness in this gloomy tale. My mentor picked me up, took me aside from the hustle-bustle, and poured some of the most inspiring words in me.
She said we know your potential and criticism shouldn’t demoralize you. It should be the strengthening force that drags you away from the negatives and you start working with a new might. “Her words”, well this has to be in inverted commas, were very splendid and rejuvenating.

Just like the folks had said everything has a sweet ending and if the end is not sweet, then you know it’s not yet the end. Well, cheers to this sweetness and loveliness of my mentor, who not only pushed away my negatives but helped me embrace to the positives.

Thank you, Mam!!!

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