A Sweet Life Is A Healthy Life

Posted by Kaloree1 | August 29, 2016 | Fitness

Everyone has their own share of happiness, yet there are few who are always kept away from them. Their entire life is spent fulfilling endless wishes, sacrificing their personal desires and working day and night. Living in monotony and still not complaining is their humility and we automatically are at fault when we start ignoring their efforts and still demand more. Love has faded away from their lives, leaving its trace behind. Holding on to what’s left, these innocent souls try to cherish what they have.
While working on my laptop, these thoughts kept going through my head. I considered how hard my dad had been trying to give me the best without any preconditions.
I felt very grateful, but at the same time, I failed to feel justified in my efforts towards his happiness and well being. Introspecting silently, I came to a conclusion that it’s about time that I started giving back the love and happiness I have received.Working hard with tremendous pressure and accomplishing the targets had made him tired. Later, after a medical examination, we found out that my dad had stepped into the initial phase of diabetes. Being a foodie throughout his life, leaving everything at once was quite challenging. For him giving up on sweets was the toughest as he had an undying love for sweets.  Considering the circumstances of my dad still not following the doctor’s instructions, squabbles became quite common between my parents.

Looking into it, I realized I had to do something to end this bickering and once again bring sweetness back into my dad’s life. I consulted his doctor and discussed the issue, the doctor recommended me to try Kaloree1.  Kaloree1 was something new for me so I asked him to tell me what exactly it was. He said it’s an artificial sweetener totally harmless specially designed to satisfy the sweet cravings of a diabetic.

After taking proper guidelines from the doctor, I decided to make sweet recipes by mixing Kaloree1. Now my dad is much happier and all our lives are much sweeter.

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