Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Posted by Kaloree1 | August 31, 2016 | Fitness

Lucky are those who live a stress-free life. Life is tough and stress comes along with the harshness. To drive away the stress and live freely we look for different stress busters. However, there is no such thing as a stress buster because it’s the mind that reflects how stressful we are.  Deep meditation or a walk in the misty morning is more than enough to help us walk away from the stress we hold on to. The mountains we carry were only meant to be climbed, and we need to realize it before we fall in the web of stress.

Passing out from college and trying to fit into a new world, I too was accompanied by the same feelings. Sitting in the cubicle, playing number games and virtually communicating with the world was never the life, I had desired. Well, its life and you have to work hard to survive. To get rid of the tensions, I had started relying on cigarettes instead of my near and dear ones. I had the best bunch of colleagues but somehow I was more inclined towards the smoke. Constantly on the pursuit to get rid of the stress, I always turned to my temporary ally.

Yeah, it was the cigarette and it entered as a sweet poison in my life. Killing away the stress had now become an excuse and unknowingly I became addicted to it. At first, it was fun and I had no complaints. The damage came gradually when a packet became a compulsion. The addiction was very impulsive and it became a menace in my life.

The poison started spreading in my body and I could feel the harm it was doing. On visiting the doctor I was strictly asked to stay away from cigarettes. Not just the cigarettes he also mentioned, I had symptoms of diabetes. Reconfirming his statement, I asked the reasons of me being prone to diabetes. He said that I had been following an unhealthy lifestyle for a long time and before it’s too late, I should change it for the better. Being both relieved and worried at the same instance, I tried reconciling myself.

I immediately asked him all the methods of prevention and he guided me through this dark phase. He asked me the reason why I smoked so much. I tried supporting my addiction by saying it helped me burn my inner demons. He said cigarette never burns your inner demons instead, it burns away your life. He suggested me to exercise daily and refrain myself from all the junk and unhealthy food. He also recommended me to switch to Kaloree1 instead of sugar.

Ignoring the advice could have been fatal, so I didn’t take a chance. Following the guidelines very precisely, I have started a new journey, a journey to reform and reconstruct my life.

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