Health is Wealth

A daily dose of healthy food is necessary to keep our bodies in shape. Health is wealth and we all know it is the golden rule, should to be followed with pleasure, regularity and utmost strictness. If one takes care of his health in a formidable fashion, his life would be at ease. But, love for the sweets is the worst and irreplaceable. This love can cost you a life.

Today, the root cause of diabetes is obesity, bad diet and unhealthy lifestyle. The excess of sugar intake will make you obese and in turn, the risk of diabetes would be increased multifold. Sedentary lifestyle must be avoided as it is the root cause of all the diseases. Daily routine involves too much of calories intake, that too in the form of sugar.

Excessive intake of desserts, sweetened drinks, non-diet soft drinks, flavoured drinks, energy drinks and many more sugar containing food should be avoided as they have little or no nutritional value and greatly contributes to the obesity. It also puts you in the danger zone of getting afflicted with the lifestyle diseases.

Therefore, one should take a watchful amount of sugar all his life. Even while drinking morning tea or coffee, you can substitute your high calorie sugar with Kaloree1, the low calorie artificial sweetener to make your habit healthier.

Kaloree1 spreads good health in the form of tablets that could kill the chances of developing diabetes.

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