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Being a parent means there is ‘NO YOUR TIME’. Staying in shape is a real challenge when your personal life is not your own. That energy and moreover, the motivation to stay fit becomes complicated when you dedicate time to your family and kids. Taking no care of your beautiful body can lead to bitter consequences in later stages of life which may include obesity, diabetes, high blood sugar etc. You may think that the science has cure for every disease. But is ruining your beauty a justice to your beautiful body? Ask yourself.

Internet is flooded with the tips and advices to stay in a perfect shape. We adopt some for a few days, get busy again in our hectic schedules and forget all. Apart from a daily workout, healthy and nutritious eating plays a significant role in maintaining a perfect size and body.

  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.
  • Cut down on saturated fat.
  • If you love seafood, then aim at two portions of fish, twice a week.
  • Eat less sugar and salt.
  • Drink plenty of water, to keep your body hydrated.
  • Don’t skip the morning meal.

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